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of doing the same things, you know that. pgh is like the saying men are from mars and women are from venus every day chores like feeding the family dog. take a look. >> spoiled dog. >> what a spoiled dog. [ laughter ] [ laughter ] >> john: we have no manners, do we. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report." good night from washington. >> harris: this is the fox report. tonight, they are feeling the heat in washington.
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an urgent meeting at the white house. then the president calling a last-minus conference as they posture each hour we get closer to true damage to our paychecks and retirement funds. deep cuts to our military and more. the story developing this hour. lawmakers may not be able to stop one of the largest tax hikes in u.s. history. >> i'm optimistic we may still be able to reach an agreement that can pass both houses in time. >> we'll be working hard to try to see if we can get there in the next 24 hours. >> harris: the man made economic nose dive just days away. can they get a deal done? >> if we don't have a deal within the next 24 hours, the question is, whether you where do you buy a parachute. >> the last minute move to save us from the fiscal cliff. and, a shooting inside a politician. -- police station.
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officers down and a suspect dead. >> i saw them throw somebody into an ambulance. >> in moments, what we know about how this happened. and on very thin ice. >> the deeper you got out, the more ice was cracking. you just couldn't get to them. >> the rescue mission to pluck a man and a dog from a frozen river. i'm harris faulkner in for shepard smith. and president obama says tonight there is still time to get a deal done before we fall off the fiscal cliff. and he demanded congress take action now before it's too late. the president spoke in the white house briefing room just about an hour ago now. he was visibly tense. frustration in his voice. >> america wonders why it is in this town for some reason you can't get stuff done in an organized timetable. why everything always has to wait until the last minute. well, we are now at the last minute. and the american people are
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not going to have any patience for a politically self-inflicted wound to our economy. >> harris: if congress cannot work out a deal, tax hikes, spending cuts will take effect on tuesday of next week. president obama says he is willing to give congress a little time to come up with a compromise but his patience is limited well as is the rest of the country's. ed henry with the news live at the white house. ed, first, a dramatic meeting earlier today at the white house. and then this ultimatum from the president. >> that's right, harris. it was a dramatic exchange. what i'm told by a senior white house official is that the president basically told john boehner and mitch mcconnell the republican leaders in the room here for this meeting that he wants an up or down vote on his scaled back bill to try to avoid this fiscal cliff. and he basically turned on them and said so what's your response? what's your move? the next move is yours. and then i'm told that mitch mcconnell and harry reid, the democratic leader in the senate jumped in before john boehner really got a chance to
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fully respond and say, look, we will take the ball and try to pass a bipartisan bill in the senate. the president responded by saying i will give you a day or two but we're running out of time. if you don't get it done in the senate. i want an up or down vote. then he came out and addressed reporters in the briefing room it is clear that the president is only cautiously optimistic that this is going to take a look. take a listen. >> it if there are disagreements they sort through the disagreements. the notion that our elected leadership can't do the same thing is mind boggling to them. it needs to stop. i'm moderately optimistic that an agreement can be achieved. >> the president realizes after weeks of saying no they will get it done at the first time. they realize for the first time we may go off the cliff. harris. >> harris: they do call them experts for a reason the ones telling us this would be
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coming. >> plan a was basically the dramatic 4 trillion-dollar debt plan, the so-called big deal. then you had plan b from john boehner, that failed as well. this is basically plan c. just deal with extending tax cuts for the middle class. deal with unemployment benefits running out for 2 million people and then deal with some small spending cuts. but not deal with the big, big spending cuts on medicare and some of those entitlement programs. that's one thing that frustrates republicans. they think the can is being kicked down on an important piece of this. spending. i can tell you earlier today republican ron lamar said the president is not doing enough. >> we need two words. presidential leadership on not just taxes rich people, we can tax all the rich people and cut their heads up and it wouldn't help the medicare fiscal cliff. we need to do both and the president has to lead it it and if he does i'm ready to work with him and so are a lot of other republicans and democrats. >> lamar alexander demanding presidential leadership but also making that point that it's not just about taxes.
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it's also about spending, harris. >> harris: you and ed talk about -- you and i talk about the fact that we don't want to put too fine a point on the fact that there is acting that goes along with politics. what about the president's tone today? it sounded like he was angry. >> oh, yeah. i think from reading his body language and hearing his words as i have over these many years. you have to put into context of frustration he is feeling going back to the debt ceiling debate a year and a half ago. two summers ago where he felt and he said it then and he said it again today in another context that these are self-inflicted wounds to the economy that he thinks the republicans held him hostage on the debt ceiling a year and a half ago. he thinks the republicans are holding him hostage now on the fiscal cliff. he may be wrong but that's his view. they are going to fight that out. but i saw a very frustrated president who is saying guys, we're now after talking about a big deal that would help the markets, help the american people we have scaled it back to something small and you can't even get that done. he is very angry. visibly frustrated, harris.
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>> harris: we have been seeing the news being broken on this friday for almost 12 hours on this as the news warrants. ed, we may see you again this hour. thank you. >> i look forward to it. >> harris: senate leaders now say they are entering last-minute talks over the weekend to avert the fiscal cliff. so now it goes to the senate. we will go live to capitol hill at the bottom of the hour as again the focus will shift those senators to get a deal done. all of this having some effect on wall street. the markets finishing in the red for the fifth straight day. the dow sank 158 points, triple digits in trading today. closing below 13,000 for the first time in three weeks. the nasdaq down 256789 the s&p 500 down 15. marking its longest losing streak in three months. the negative trading session also wraps up the worst week on wall street since early november. adam shapiro live in our new york city newsroom from fox business network. adam, how will wall street react come monday? >> that is everybody's question right now. but already you can take a look at what's called the fear
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index. the volatility index. the vix. you can see it's at its highest level since july. and investors are nervous because we still don't know what the actual tax ramifications are going to be going into 2013. there is a real potential. you could see people trying to get out of this market on monday in order to avoid perceived higher income taxes. higher taxes, capital gain taxes because we don't have any clear picture yet on what reid and mcconnell might be crafting. >> harris: wow. people getting out of market suddenly. which companies stand to lose if that happens? >> this is a really interesting list of companies that was actually compiled by goldman sachs. we were reporting this today. these are companies that get 50% of their sales, or more, from the u.s. government. deals of the government. lockheed martin, granted construction. grumed. saint jude medical. motorola, waste manage: these are companies that not only have big contracts with the government but employ a lot of people who should these
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contracts not be renewed to the extent they are right now. those employees could be facing an uncertain future. >> harris: wow, at a time when we're still trying to generate enough jobs to break even at the end of the month. >> that's right. >> harris: adam shapiro, thank you. three police officers recovering from a rampage that played out inside their police station. it happened in southern new jersey. they say a man police had arrested for domestic violence started shooting. >> while he was being processed, he got into a violent confrontation with the officers. he fired -- he obtained a firearm. he fired and struck three of the officers. >> harris: then those officers shot that man dead. david lee miller live in the newsroom. david lee, how did this guy get his hands on a gun inside a police station. >> harris, he was being processed at the time in a small room. he was alone with an officer at the township police station. jones facing a number of
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charges including stalking a former girlfriend and theneded suddenly he grabbed a gun that belonged to officer ruth burns. >> as part of standard processing many cases handcuffs are removed from a brief time from mr. jones and then he suddenly attacked the officer, tackling her to the ground and striking her on the head and removing her department issued firearm from her holster. >> two police sergeants went into that room. shooting ensued. the man who grabbed the weapon was dead. he she worked -- >> harris: how about the wounded officers, how are they doing? >> sergeant james gasher was the most seriously injured. he was hit multiple times in the chest and below the bullet proof vest. he underwent surgery and at this hour said to be in stable condition. sergeant kevin klein was struck in the belt and suffered a laceration. a bullet also grazed his head. and officer burns, whose gun was grabbed by the suspect was shot in the foot. all are now on administrative
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leave. and and that is standard procedure when police are involved in a shooting. when asked about the incident at a news conference, the county prosecutor said it appears that all the officers acted in self-defense and were justified in returning fire. harris? >> harris: david lee miller in our newsroom tonight. thank you very much. new information now on an ambush that put firefighters in a deadly trap. police in upstate new york have arrested a woman in connection with that crime. investigators saying an ex-con named william spangler at the time set a fire on christmas eve. and when first responders got there, he started shooting at them. he killed two of them. wounded three other people before committing suicide. now, investigators are charging one of spangler's former neighbors with buying two guns for him. >> providing your own name when buying a firearm instead of the true owner's name is sometimes referred as acting as a straw purchaser. and that is exactly what today's complaint alleges.
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>> harris: spangler is a convicted felon, barred from owning buying himself weapons. investigators say the former neighbor bought a bush master ar 15 rifle like the one seen here and a 12 gauge shotgun for spangler. new york city dropping its murder rate ton a all-time low. a very different situation though in the other city you see on your screen chicago. the windy city. details coming up. while new york's crime scene one way. another person pushed to his death from the plat form. now the search for a woman who witnesses say pushed that man on to the track. stay close. t rewards for his small business! your boa! [ garth ] thor's small business earns double miles on every purchase, every day! ahh, the new fabrics. put it on my spark card. ow. [ garth ] why settle for less? the spiked heels are working. wait! [ garth ] great businesses deserve great rewards.
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today as a police graduation ceremony he often calls new york the safest big city in america. there have been 1400 homicides so far this year. that's the lowest number murder rate since the city started keeping reliable records in 1963. meanwhile, the city of chicago could soon mark a grim milestone. the most homicides in four years. anna coinman is live in our new york city newsroom. what reason does mayor bloomberg give for the drop in murders. >> mayor michael bloomberg says the decrease in crime is because of the city's commitment to end gun violence and new and improved police initiatives championed by
4:16 pm
police chief ray kelly. operation impact. it allows the nypd to track crime and set up more patrols where police can pa will control. >> essence of civilization is you can walk down your street without having to look over your shoulder. while clearly there is going to be bad apples in this city most apples are awfully good and we have reason to be happy with the performance. >> while though guns remain the leading cause of murder, commissioner kelly says they're preventing crime before they happen by taking st. critics argue though the numbers don't tell a proper story after violent crimes made headlines like a nanny killing two young children, two subway riders being pushed on to the track and a shooter opening fire at the empire state building. harris, this safest big city description for the big apple comes from fbi statistics of seven major crimes, including homicide. >> harris: well, let's move on to chicago because i had mentioned that they have the opposite thing going on in their city. >> yeah, it's unfortunate for
4:17 pm
the first time since 2008. chicago police are investigating what could mark their 500th homicide of the year. a man was shot and killed at a convenience store in the city's west side. officials do say though it's too soon to rule it a homicide because it may be a domestic dispute. harris, chicago records show last year there were 435 homicides. >> harris: wow, dangerous place right now. anna kooiman, you just mentioned this. we are going to have more on the subway story. thank you very much. a tough scene in the new york city subway after someone pushed a man in front of an oncoming train. this the is second time we have seen this thing in a month. police released video of the suspect running from the station just after it happened. officials tell us the victim was 46 years old from india and a worker for a printing business. it is unclear whether he knew his attacker. but witnesses say she has been following him and was mumbling to herself just before the fatal push. as you may know, we have reported another man died earlier this month after
4:18 pm
police say the man you see here pushed him on to the train tracks inside times square subway station. the suspect claims the victim was the aggressor in that. well, it is official. russia has banned american families from adopting russian children. we knew it was coming and apparently it is is in retaliation. the russian government is angry because the u.s. is drawing attention to its human rights violations. now, the u.s. state department firing back with an appeal on behalf of the little children already matched with parents waiting to come to the united states. and a lot of you are hoping this week's monster snow storm might help ease the nation's crip bling drought. but now business owners say they may have to resort to backup plans.
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>> harris: russian president vladimir putin making good on his threat to stop americans from adopting russian children. he signed the ban into law just hours ago today and it takes effect on new year's day. critics say the move is in retaliation for an american law that targets russian human rights violators. so this is essentially a global game of politics with little children caught in the middle. >> it's not surprising that there is political retribution, that there is is a political tit-for-tat, that's not surprising. you know, but what's shocking is that they are using -- that they are putting the well being children at risk for the sake of political retribution and that has to stop. >> harris: as she just said the immediate victims in all of this. dozen of organs whose american families are already in the process of documenting. they have already been matched. now they have to stay in russia. the statement department commenting on that we hope
4:23 pm
that the russian government woo lou those children who have already mitt and bonded with their future parents to finish the necessary legal procedures so they can join their families, end quote. no indication right that you that that is going to happen. 60,000 russian children. the united nations children's fund unicef estimates that there are 740,000 orphans orphan russia with only a few thousand russians wanting to adopt them. the holiday storms that brought so much major snowfall to across the united states did not much -- did not do much to reverse the worst drought in decades. the most recent u.s. drought monitor still some some 60% of the nation needs water. it puts nearly a quarter of the cooperate negligence u.s. in the two most severe drought categories. the severe dryness still hammering all sorts of businesses from shipping on the mississippi river. because we saw boats getting stuck the river levels are so
4:24 pm
low this summer to. alicia acuna in denver to tell us more. >> we call this hero snow here in colorado. it's referred to as hero snow because of its awesome quality. it also helped save the start of ski season in colorado. runs at keystone resort and others in the area opened with a base of mostly man made snow. professional snow maker started blasting their snow guns back in october. they have been building up piles of snow which are used to groom the slopes. >> mother nature is dealing all the cards right now. so we'll take whatever she gives us. >> recent storms have been helpful but high drawl gist george ingle sole says the state's snow pack got off to a slow start. >> this year is an exception by far. >> down hill, water levels in reservoirs like in dillon, colorado, only rise from the real thing. much more is needed to catch up. >> it's going to mean we have to see several snow storms
4:25 pm
with a total delivery of something in the ballpark of 4 to possibly 8 or more feet of snow in the next month or two. >> which is why high drawl lists are banking on a wet spring. >> two thirds ahead of us and snowiest. the snow pack could make a come back yet. >> ski resorts are constantly investing in equipment to become more efficient at maintaining snow. also seeing resorts offer activities that can be enjoyed off the slopes including ice skating and zip line rides. in denver, alicia acuna, fox news. >> harris: while the nation teeters on the end of a fiscal cliff, we did avert another potential disaster today at least for now. the temporary deal to keep billions of dollars of goods flowing from ports from boston to houston. coming up. plus the fbi has again released its file on marilyn monroe. this time minus all of the redactions. what the documents say about her and her suspected ties to communism ahead.
4:26 pm
and word that president george h.w. bush is improving and even singing in the hospital. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. [ cellphone chirping ]
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and still pay the mid-size price. i could get used to this. [ male announcer ] yes, you could business pro. yes, you could. go national. go like a pro. >> harris: the fbi releasing movie files on marilyn monroe possible ties to communism. for years people have questioned whether it was suicide accident or murder. the files don't answer questions about her deaths. they do have pretty interesting details about her life. anita vogel live in our west coast news hub now. anita, what do those files tell us? >> hi there, harris. perhaps the most interesting fact here is just how interested the fbi was in whether monroe was a communist. tracking her for years. they have ties to communists.
4:30 pm
look at this record in 1956 in which the fbi documents an anonymous call to the new york daily news about monroe's then play right husband to miller. was and is a member of the communist party and was their cultural front man and that his wife marilyn monroe also had drifted into the communist orbit. harris, for all this effort and all the money spent, the fbi actually never came up with any evidence that marilyn monroe was a member of the communist party. back to you. >> harris: why were they so focused on her? >> well, she did, in fact, hang out with a lot of high profile people who might have been considered communists, including one couple in particular. known communist fed rick vanderbilt field and his wife. monroe spent a lot of time with them in mexico. he letter wrote a book detailing some of their conversations. she apparently didn't talk much about politics. instead he said she talked a lot about herself, her views on racial equality and her
4:31 pm
hatred for j. edgar hoover the notorious fbi director who was conducting all of these investigations. now as you mentioned there is no new information about what everyone would really like to know more about. the circumstances surrounding her death. was it a suicide? even the doctor who performed the autopsy once said there would always be controversy surrounding the death of marilyn monroe until all of the fbi files are revealed. perhaps one day they will be. back to you. >> harris: anita vogel, thank you very much. i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shepard smith. this is the fox report. and the senate will get to work on sunday to try to prevent our nation from plunging right over the fiscal cliff. a bill should be ready to vote on they say. that's the word today from the senate majority leader harry reid hours after that big meeting between the president and top lawmakers at the white house. and you can bet the clock is ticking. congress and the president have fewer than four days to sign off on a deal. before those tough spending
4:32 pm
cuts kick in and the taxes go up on nearly every american. mike emanuel live for us tonight by phone from capitol hill. mike, what is next? >> well, harris, everybody agrees the next step is trying to move a bipartisan plan in the senate. majority leader harry reid recognizes this is a critical time. we have a lot meeting in the white house very con struck stif. we hope that it will bear fruit. we hope the next 24 hours will be very instructive as to what we're able to accomplish. >> in order to make that happen, the senate will not be in session tomorrow, harris. >> do they generally agree with the democratic perspective here on whether or not this can get done? >> harris, republicans say it was a good meeting at the white house. we're told there was a discussion of potential options and components of a plan that could pass both the house and senate. here's the top senate republicans take.
4:33 pm
>> we are engaged in discussions, the majority leader and myself and the white house in the hopes that we can come forward i can make to my conference and the majority leader can make to his conference. so we'll be working hard it to try to see if we can get there in the next 24 hours. >> that's sets up a critical day on sunday when house republicans and their colleagues the democrats return and senate leaders hope to unveil a plan, harris. >> harris: wow, makes you wonder how hard they might have worked six months ago to avoid all of this. the senate also, i understand, mike, voted on emergency spending bill for super storm sandy relief. >> it was a 61 to 33 vote. 12 republicans voted in favor. they were mostly from gulf states. those who were affected by hurricane katrina, and you can obviously understand the need for emergency funding for victims of super storm sandy.
4:34 pm
harris? >> harris: mike emanuel on the phone for us outside of capitol hill. we appreciate it mike, thank you. along with the wrangling over the fiscal cliff. the fourth amendment debated heavily in the senate yesterday and today. and then a vote today to renew the nation's surveillance law. it's called the foreign intelligence surveillance act. and it allows investigators to monitor phone calls and emails involving suspected terrorists outside the united states. without a warrant. as long as the suspects are not u.s. citizens. critics on both sides of the aisle demanding more transparency though. arguing that officials could use the law to secretly spy on americans battering their fourth amendment rights. but chair woman of the senate intelligence committee california senator dianne feinstein saying the law is important to our national security and must classified. meanwhile, another potential below to -- blow to the economy has been averted at least for now. dock workers agreeing to hold off on a strike that would cost the u.s. economy billions
4:35 pm
of dollars thanks to a temporary contract extension. the workers now have another five weeks to work out their labor dispute with port owners and shippers. phil keating following the story in our south florida newsroom. boy, phil, this affected ports from giewrch houston. how did these two sides get together? >> well, they did what congress has failed to do. that is they worked out a deal. but since this deal is still not entirely permanent. neither side is giving specifics as who who bundle and if both sides bundle and how much. the key sticking point all along has been the long shoreman get paid more the heavier a container is the owners of the shipping company wanted those capped. the longer shore men did not. this from the federal mediator in washington today quote. the container royalty payment issue has been agreed upon in principle by the parties. subject to achieving an overall collective bargaining agreement. the deadline now is february 6th. so five and a half weeks from now, if this deal is not permanent then, we're right
4:36 pm
back to where we were earlier this morning. harris? >> harris: so like washington they have somewhat kicked the can down the road. we have to see what happens. >> exactly. phil, i know the recent port strikes in california cost the economy, what, about a billion dollars a day. >> yeah. this one would have been far far worse on the economy. the one in california was just two major shipping ports. this one deals with 15 ports east coast boston down to houston. those containers that it a strike would freeze hold electronics, auto parts, computer components, clothing. pretty much every consumer products you can think of. hundreds of billions of dollars worth and millions of dependent jobs in the nation's supply chain. >> so it's not just the local port area that would be affected by a strike. but the entire region and the state going nationally as well. >> florida's governor this afternoon reiterating his urging of president obama that if this deal is not made permanent in five weeks, and a
4:37 pm
strike is then declared, to then invoke the hartley act which would by federal law prevent a strike from happening. however, the last time that had happened was in 2002 when george w. bush ended a worker lockout. harris? >> harris: phil keating thank you very much. a family spokesperson says former president george h.w. bush is now singing in the intensive care unit. you will recall earlier this week his spokesperson said doctors had moved the president to the icu after, quote, a series of set backs including a fever and a cough related to bronchitis. the fever very high would not go away. and today the spokesman releasing a statement saying the president is getting better. quote, he is alert and always in good spirits. and exchanges with doctors and nurses now include singing. the bushes thank everybody for their prayers and good wishes and like their doctors are cautiously on mission stick that the current course of treatment will be effective. end quote. at 88 years old, president
4:38 pm
george h.w. bush is the oldest living former president. and a series of health stories now with national impact have made some of the biggest headlines of the year. among them deadly outbreaks of fungal meningitis, the west nile virus. it has been a busy year in the spotlight for the centers for disease control and prevention. elizabeth prann live home of the cdc headquarters. the fungal meningitis story still happening. what's the latest on that. >> it is, in fact, we have new information the cdc. they added 36 more cases to the tally. bringing the total up number of 656. 39 people have died. cdc says all of this caused by can tom nated steroid injections called necc in massachusetts. the cdc had their work cut out for them to track every patient who got routine back as well as neck injections for pain. >> we have also worked with health departments in 23 states to help them notify
4:39 pm
14,000 people exposed to the contaminated product. >> now, the outbreak prompted investigators not only investigations not only by congress but also by federal regulators and to compounding pharmacies. harris? >> harris: the cdc was also fighting one of the largest outbreaks of the west nile virus this year. >>o r. oh, yeah, it was the worst we have seen in over a decade. there was almost every state hit with the exception of hawaii and alaska. however, the dallas metroplex area was certainly hit the worst. and we know that people were even afraid to venture out during the summer months as they sprayed insecticides, listen. more than 5,000 cases more than 200 deaths from west nile virus this year. we can't say for sure but we do know that hotter weather with rain increases the number of mosquitoes, the more mosquitoes you have, the more west nile you may have. >> also in 2012, several states issued food recalls. we all remember this from peanut butter to cantaloupe. the cdc estimates each year
4:40 pm
roughly one in six americans do get sick from eating contaminated foods, harris? >> harris: away from all the infectious disease and all of that the cdc was working on making a bold move this year against smoking. >> they did. they launched a psychiatry graphic campaign. >> very simply, that is the number one leading preventible cause of death if we are going to save as many lives as possible we are going to have to reduce the smoking rate in this country. >> now, freedom said after that campaign the smoking cessation hotlines were ringing off the hook it was certainly a very effective campaign. harris? >> harris: elizabeth prann reporting live tonight from our bureau in atlanta. thank you very much. in syria. two generals have abandoned their government. adding to the dozens who already have defected since the bloody uprising began nearly two years ago. and the surfer who fought a
4:41 pm
shark and survived. it's all ahead inside "the fox report." [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- you can stay in and share something... or you can get out there and actually share something. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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4:44 pm
russia for supporting the syria president bashar assad. russia someone of syria's last allies and has rejected all united nations efforts to take action against the aassad. leland vittert with the news live from our middle east bureau. leland, why why don't the rebels want to negotiate? >> quite frankly, right now, harris, they don't have to. time is is on their side. momentum son their side. they are beginning to tighten the noose on president assad. especially around his capital damascus. secondly the rebels don't really believe the russians. they don't trust them as honest brokers and perhaps that's with good reason. rebel videos uploaded to youtube show russian made bombs uploaded. this is a boom fired on cities aleppo with the russian writing clearly visible on the weapon's fenn. most bombs though explode like this one caught on amateur video yesterday as it was dropped from a low-flying
4:45 pm
russian-made meg. russia has long supported assad with weapons and protected diplomatically as key ally and hope to russian's only foreign rebel naval base. with assad's army now playing defense, the russian peace plan appears to be an attempt to heck their bet on assad by beginning to make inroads with the rebels. the russians might be in right in there irassessment that neither side can win this by force. especially as a growing number of al qaeda sympathizers and foreign firefighters join up. fighting not under the rebel colors but the black islamist flag as seen in this video celebrating a new brigade. with assad still hanging on, the prospect of a long civil war seems unavoidable as the fighting grows closer to major population centers, the flow of refugees is only increasing. there are now 150,000 in turkey with more arriving every day. we left at 4:00 in the morning after the shelling ceased,
4:46 pm
explained this man about to escape other children are dying every day. russia's from a staunch syrian ally now trying to play some kind of peace broker appears to be a distinction without a difference. while the russians are kind of worried about how they look in the eyes of the world. it seems as though assaad still enjoys the unwavering support of one country that could care less about the diplomatic niceties of everything and that is iran who is still firmly behind president assad. harris, back to you. >> harris: leland, thank you. a surfer loses part of his hand fighting off a shark. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. australia: it happened at a remote beach on the east coast about four hours north of sydney. witnesses saying a battle boarder and some friends were surfing with a pod of dolphins around them and then the attack. >> then all of a sudden the
4:47 pm
shark just come up and took about three chunks out of him and he got his board and put the board into the shark's head. >> the shark took the surfer's index finger and a portion of his leg. somehow he managed to paddle back to shore. at last word he is in stable condition. china, a massive fire ripped through six story building eastern province. it took 50 firefighters more than 20 hours to put out the flames. though word what caused the fire. costa rica, scientists on expedition study volcanos and earthquakes using a drill. researchers chose the costa ricaen coast because it's where the earth's crust is thinnest. teams collecting rock samples to could explain the earth's origins and inner workings. nepal, two teams of elephants and riders facing off in soccer match at national park. [screaming] >> it's part of elephant
4:48 pm
festival. three day event to raise awareness of conservation efforts. that's a fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> harris: a dog plunges into icy river sparking dramatic mission. >> my wife called the 911, and we got the rescue there and my cousins, lance eicker pulling the cog date posed a major challenge. coming up, the fight for survival and how it all ended. droid dna augmentation initiated. vision expanding to a 5-inch 1080p hd display and camera. touch acquiring nfc. hearing evolving with beats audio.
4:49 pm
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4:51 pm
>> harris: rescuers had to
4:52 pm
fish the flan the ice on a freezing river because he went after a dog. here they are dragging the guy across the ice of a boat. the dog which had been about in three and a half feet of water and ice is in that boat as well. >> he went to the dog and actually crawled on his belly on the ice and then got to him and then the lifted up the dog on the ice and the rescue put a boat there and hauled them up into the boat you can see the rescuer himself struggling to stay above water. how did they get there in the first place? >> well, that man you just saw harris jim swayze was walking four dogs. one of the dogs ran into the ice and fell through holding himself up with just front paws. jim swayze went after the dogs but the ice kept breaking away. he called 911. then called his cousin who is san animal control officer. the cousin's boyfriend showed up. went after the dog and right as he reached ice
4:53 pm
broke away. and he got stuck in the mud below and had to wait an hour for firefighters to arrive. listen. the big concern was the dog. they the dog had been in the without for why quite a while. the amount of time spent in the water is very short lived. you can't spent a lot of time in these cold temperatures and hope to survive. the rescue actually went pretty quickly. >> it went quickly but all tolled it still took an hour and a half before they pulled bart out of that water, harris. >> harris: that's a long time to be in the water. how is the dog doing? the hound dog is doing fine now. but bart is 11 years old. first the vet was very worried about him. they rapid him up in electric blanket very slowly to warm the dog up slowly. they couldn't feed him at first because the vet was afraid that his insides were so cold that he wouldn't be
4:54 pm
able to digest his food and for a dog that's very dangerous. finally, after several hours. bart so the some chicken soup. he loved it. he is doing fine and he is ready to hunt once again. harris? >> harris: above water. okay. thanks a lot, trace. thank you very much. >> sure. >> harris: the nfl is finding some players, apparently making good on its vowel -- vow to limit helmet hits. backing the league's 55,000 todd's high hit giant victor cruise. you may have seen it. the ravens safety struck the receiver in the head and neck area during last weekend's game. the league had suspended reid one game for several helmet to helmet hits earlier. last week reduced that to $50,000 fine. ordering new england's vince willfork for forearm hit to the head of a jacksonville
4:55 pm
linemen. we see a lot of strange things here on "the fox report." we decided to put together a collection. so best. a year of wacky videos. first an a astronaut orbits the earth says he is the first to record an original song on the international space station. chris hatfield's joule in the night. so bright giuliani in the night. ♪ there in my window below. >> harris: the can a naddian astronaut recorded the song with a guitar that's been on the station for years. >> with all of our cities aglow. ♪ usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because offers a superior level of protection, and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote.
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or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet?
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>> harris: what disoo zombies, jet packs and santas all have in common they are part of one wacky year in video. ♪ will be in r. sphbl sh >> sickest thing you see on video. i was so stoked. first zombie candidate. we will do well. we are a shoe in. >> zombie. >> get around 5,000 santas in the city. 25,000 in all capital cities
4:59 pm
across the country. >> we were able to get the person's arm unstuck from the machine. >> then i fell. >> i got the about three people. they got my arm back. >> harris: updating some of our leaders tonight. senate talks with the white house to find a away to avoid the fiscal cliff. harry reid saying they will meet together sunday to vote on something to can take a vote on. markets slide amid growing fear unable to reach a deadline. a fifth straight day of losses. on this day in 18 the 5. for first time members of the public would pay to see a movie. the brothers were sce

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